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Wedding planner

So far our wedding planning has mostly consisted of several Google Docs. Right now we have Docs called:

  • Wedding/Reception Guests – it’s a work in progress
  • Wedding Budget – our 2,000 dollars in line-item form
  • Wedding Ideas – just a smattering of random thoughts and maybes
  • Invitation Wording – I’m working on something fun

And I’m sure that’s only the beginning. I like working that way though because everything is online and easily accessible, and Mike and I share all the Docs. We never really planned on buying an actual wedding planner, but my friend Robin had one that she got for free and never used (she gets married on Oct. 3!), so she gave it to us.

Not the cutest thing ever (always with the hearts and flowers wedding industry!), but that doesn’t matter. Because FREE! It’ll be nice to have something to keep notes and ideas in, all in one place. It’s mostly blank pages separated by tabs labeled Guests, Ceremony, Reception, etc.

So there’s not like forms to fill out or questions to answer, just blank pages to fill with whatever. Mike and I are both very organized and listy type people, so I hope the wedding planning is cake for us. Speaking of cake… nah, save that for another time. I think the combination of the Docs and the planner will work out well. Thanks Robin!


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Ring around the canyon

Cheesy, we know, but we did it anyway.

Dang my ring looks huge here. I don’t think it seems so giant in real life, which for me is good. Also Mike’s ring looks huge ON him, but that’s because he has to get it over his giant manly knuckles.

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Months at a time

My name is Shannon. His name is Mike.

We learned of each others’ existence only nine months ago. We met in person only eight months ago. We moved in together three months ago. We started planning our wedding one month ago.

And ten months from now, we plan to be married.

Follow along for the story of how that happens. Oh, and also to hear about other Shan & Mike shenanigans, too.

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