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Growing up is kind of a hassle sometimes. Shan and I are at that point in our lives where we’re starting to realize we’re not kids anymore. Athletic activity takes a toll on us. We’re tired without the requisite amount of sleep. Teenagers annoy the shit out of us. In most ways, I kind of like it. I could get into sitting on the porch in a rocking chair, sipping iced tea, and collecting frisbees that kids accidentally throw onto my lawn. I’m already working on my fist-shaking, and different ways to lament all the problems with kids today. But it’s not all good.

Lately, we’ve been sleeping worse. Shan has wanted a new mattress since before we met. She has a hand-me-down queen bed, and I had a hand-me-down full bed. So our options upon moving in together were slim. We went with Shan’s queen, with a down mattress topper to soften the concrete slab underneath. I’ve always thought I liked firm mattresses, and the first few months sleeping on Shan’s slab reinforced that, as I would routinely wake up refreshed while she tossed and turned. But now the slab is catching up to me. I’ve been sleeping worse and worse, just as my last year of school is getting busier and busier. We’re not sleeping well, we’re cranky all day, and it’s not good. So, the adult thing to do is buy a new mattress, right?

Maybe. As we’ve made abundantly clear, we’re trying to save money for a relatively cheap wedding, and even that’s a struggle. Blame it on the economy, lack of decisive career moves, professional desires unrelated to salary, whatever. We’re not destitute, but a $2,000 wedding is not a drop in the bucket either. So a new mattress? Frivolous. We’ll just put up with the slab and make the best of it. Well, at a certain point, we realized we had to do the adult thing and spring (get it?) for a new mattress. Enter Black Friday.

We are not day-after-Thanksgiving shoppers. I’ve often said I’d rather pay a million dollars for a CD than shop at Best Buy on Black Friday. But the JC Penney ad caught our eyes yesterday. A Eurotop plush mattress set for less than $500! Interesting, no? After researching what a Eurotop mattress actually is (it’s the same structure as a pillowtop), we determined that this mattress could be the answer to our prayers. Only problem…Black Friday. I actually considered heading out at 4am this morning to buy a mattress. Just for fun, we looked online. The same mattress is on sale on the website for basically the same price. Bingo! We get the savings, skip the hassle, and sleep in. And, of course, by sleep in I mean toss and turn restlessly on the slab for a few extra hours.

But, buying a new mattress meant an adult decision about money. Should we dip into the wedding fund for the mattress? Should we split the cost and skip buying each other Christmas presents? Can we afford to pay cash or should we charge it? Ultimately, the responsible adults in us agreed that we should pay cash and scale down our spending on each other for Christmas. A good night of sleep is all the gift either of us need anyway. So, we bought it. We’re expecting a call next week to set up delivery, and then we’ll be sleeping on a fluffy cloud (the website’s actual description). Sometimes being an adult is hard work. But, sometimes it’s like sleeping on a cloud.

Happy Black Friday everyone.


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So i realized the other day that Shannon is posting at a rate of 7 posts to each one that I post. Blogs are a lot of work, and she makes it look so easy. I’m definitely not a daily post kind of guy, but I’m going to try to catch up a little bit. I don’t want to disappoint Shannon. So, here goes.

First of all, we sat down and reviewed our wedding planning itinerary the other night. We’re ahead of schedule, and that seems amazing. It doesn’t feel like we’ve done much of anything, but we’re coming along. Our reception menu is almost completely planned in regards to what we’re eating, who’s making it, and who’s paying for it. We started talking about gift registration, wedding shower plans, and decided on music. We placed due dates on all our tasks, and right now we’re up to the first of the year. So, go us.

Another thought on marriage equality. I’m taking a business law class right now, and last week we talked about employee rights. The Civil Rights Act set up a lot of equality legislation. It protects people against discrimination in employment based on race, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, and a bunch of other categories I’m not able to think of on the spot. But it doesn’t protect against discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation. I realize that this legislation was passed in the late 60’s, but we’ve had lots of legislative updates since then. But not to protect LGBT individuals. What’s taking so long US government?

More specifically dealing with marriage equality, recently a study was completed to determine the economic effects of not being able to marry. I read in Rolling Stone that not being allowed to marry costs a gay couple almost half a million dollars over the course of their lives. Talk about abridging the right of citizens to the pursuit of happiness. The Williams Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles School of Law also recently did a study on the financial effects of gay marriage legislation. According to this study of Maine’s recent legislation, if gays were allowed to marry without restriction, Maine would see $3.6 Million over 3 years in tax revenues from food, lodging, marriage licenses, and other wedding-related activities. Not to mention the economic impact of weddings. People spend a lot of money on weddings, gay or straight. Come on government.

Now, I realize that economics shouldn’t be the reason for legislative changes to guarantee marriage rights, but it shouldn’t be ignored. Especially the consideration that not being married costs money. Half a million dollars is a lot of money over the course of your life. That’s like buying a really nice house. Or a pretty good house and being able to take a vacation every couple years. So, really, get with it government.

Next up for us, Thanksgiving with Shannon’s Grandparents. Her Grandmother is the queen of Thanksgiving in her family, so she’s doing most of her recipes. I’m making rolls though. It’ll be my first foray into baking for other people, but I’m excited about it. It’s making me feel like part of the family, and that’s a pretty good feeling (I know…aww).

Speaking of Thanksgiving, this will be our first major holiday together, and it’s got me thinking about family traditions. What are some of your favorites?

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