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Four months later…

Apparently we have a baby and we stop blogging. That was not our intent, but when I logged in today, I realized the last post was January 18 when we announced the birth of Mo!

Things are going well though. For awhile they were tough – the first three weeks were pretty difficult  for a multitude of reasons. I was sick, we were both sleep deprived, I had some postpartum depression, and breastfeeding was a disaster. But things slowly got better, and now Mo is four months old and it’s a whole different situation. She has been sleeping through the night for awhile now (10-12 hours, in fact!), she’s eating like a champ, she’s very happy and interactive, and we’re all loving life.

In what seems like no time, she’s gone from this…

…to this.

My dad likes to joke that it looks like someone inflated her. She filled right out, sprouted eyebrows, lost her hair, and grew some deliciously chubby thighs. We’re so lucky we get to have her in our lives!

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