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Anybody care to guess a few stats about Baby Z-M? There are a couple different baby pools already floating around, but if you haven’t guessed and want to, here’s your chance. I love baby pools, so I hope you’ll participate. No prizes though, sorry. Except bragging rights, of course.

So what’s your guess?

Birth Date:

My due date is January 10. Most old wives’ tales indicate girl, but definitely not all of them.

My own personal guess is a girl on January 14, over 8 pounds and over 20 inches (I don’t remember exactly what I put in the pool at my shower). Mike has refused to commit to any guesses.

Leave your best guess in comments!

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Happy Holidays!

We like to do something fun every year for our holiday card. Nothing that requires a lot of effort, because we’re lazy, but something other than the traditionally posed photo. For instance, a picture from our recent unofficial maternity shoot is not at all the kind of thing we had in mind. Instead we thought it would be fun to somehow celebrate our new house.

So, because we couldn’t send cards to everyone, please consider this yours:

As you can see, we’re enjoying our fake fire and meager holiday decorations while I work on my embroidery and Mike reads a very sophisticated book. Sure feels like home! The back says:

We’re enjoying the first of many holiday seasons in our new home.

Please note our new address: 

[yeah right, like I’m putting that on the internet]

(Next year… real fire!)

Happy holidays and best wishes!

We chose not to sign for Baby Z-M (Oberon and Lennie are the cats) because we thought it was a little weird. If I was only 10 weeks pregnant, we wouldn’t include it, so we decided 35 weeks was no different. This baby is very real to us and is already a part of our family, but it felt a little… presumptuous, I guess.

Anyway, we hope you all enjoy the season no matter what, when or where you celebrate!

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I didn’t intend to put a lot of effort into the baby’s room, but we just moved into this house and this was my first chance to fully put together a room. Everything else is a coat of paint here, new door knobs there. But here I could take a boring empty (not to mention orange) room and transform it into something I love. I couldn’t resist.

Here is what it looked like when we moved in:

And here is what it looks like now:

The sunlight was drowning out the curtains, so here’s a look at those:

I made them!

Here are a few of my favorite details:

Canvas print of the fortune I got shortly before discovering I was pregnant. Ultrasound pictures. Last name initials.

Alphabet I embroidered inside frame I painted. Elephant hook.

Framed elephant print from Dad. Globe night light.

Elephant globe from Mom.

Dictionary prints in thrift store frames.

Paint swatch mobile.

Elephant mobile.

I had so much fun with this room, and I love how it turned out. Hopefully you do too!

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