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We finally finished the last painting job we wanted to do before the baby was born. Back when we bought paint for the baby’s room, we also picked up a can for one of the other bedrooms. This was back in early September, and Mike intended to paint both rooms while I was on a business trip. But if you recall, the baby’s room paint job became so much bigger than we anticipated, and it wasn’t finished until mid-October. The other bedroom got postponed as a result.

Finally a couple weeks ago, we moved all the furniture out and Mike prepped the walls for painting. I was at a painting class/party* with some friends one night when Mike put the first coat on the walls. When I took a look the next day, I was appalled. I had picked out what I thought, based on the paint swatch, was a light yellowy-green color. On the walls? Mint chocolate chip ice cream without the chips! This picture doesn’t really show it, but trust me. Mint. Green.

It was awful. And if you’re curious, it was Rice Paddy from Sherwin Williams, which of course looks different on than screen than it it did on the swatch, which was far different than it looked on the walls! Mike didn’t mind it, but I knew I couldn’t live with it. And even though it was a waste of paint and his time, I figured it was better to fix the problem immediately rather than have to move all the furniture out again later when it finally put me over the edge.

We thought about buying some test samples so this wouldn’t happen again, but clearly I suck at picking out paint, so I just wanted to get something boring and neutral and call it good. Maybe we’ll do something fun in the final bedroom or the bathrooms one day. But I just wanted this room done and over with, so boring neutral it was. This time we picked Valspar’s Frappe from Lowe’s.

Yep, just a boring ol’ light grey. I was trying to avoid an all-grey home, but I couldn’t stomach the beiges and tans Mike was suggesting, so we settled on yet another grey. Although, I picked out the mint green, so clearly I should be fired from paint selections! (For the record though, I did choose the colors in the baby’s room and our bedroom, and those both rock.)

Baby’s room – light greyish purple

Our bedroom – light blue/grey

Oh, by the way, those curtains Mike is hanging up there are temporary. I like them, but not with the grey walls. However, almost every room in our home needs curtains, an expense we’ve avoided so far. This room has temporary light blocking curtains because I’m temporarily sleeping in there and I do not do sunlight when I’m trying to sleep!

*You sign up for a one-night class and an instructor helps you paint whatever the art of the day is. We chose a night when they were doing our city’s skyline. There’s also a bar (I had cream soda of course) and you can order in food from a local restaurant. It’s pretty fun. Plus look what we made!

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Pool pains

When we were house hunting, we were not in the market for a pool. But then we fell in love with this house, the one we bought, and ta da! It had a pool. I think our families were more excited than we were at this news. A pool in the family, finally! We were excited by the idea too, but mostly we saw work. And yep, it’s been nothing but so far. We never opened it – we moved in in August, so it didn’t make sense – and everything was fine. But then it became fall and it started to rain, and the pool cover sank, holding rain water and it was not cool.

After much research and a recommendation from the pool supply store, we had some family over last weekend to try to fix the problem.

Let’s just say: FAIL. It looked great for a few hours, then it rained again and now I think it’s worse than it was before.

At least my niece and nephew had fun…

The neighbors just threw a plastic tarp over theirs, weighed down with cinder blocks. It, too, is filling with rain water. But we inherited this nice pool cover with the house and I’d rather not ruin it because we don’t know what we’re doing. Alas, I think we’re giving up. Let the snow pile up in there. We have more important things to worry about!

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Little reminders

Today Mike and I went to Babies ‘R Us to pick up a few essentials. Baby stuff, obviously. The parking lot was extremely full, but we saw an empty spot near the front. Mike was just about to turn in, then jerked the wheel at the last second. Then this:

“Damn, expectant mothers only. Shit, you are one! Damn it, I missed it!”

The profanity was a bit excessive, but the whole thing made me laugh so hard. I mean, we’re at Babies ‘R Us. To buy things for our baby. That I’m carrying. That is due in 10 weeks. Neither of us is used to the idea yet, apparently! He drove around and pulled in that spot though – it’s one of the only times we’ll get to do that.

I made sure to waddle a little just in case any onlookers questioned us.

I was still laughing, but I was so thankful for the opportunity to park there. Not because we needed to – I’m fine to walk. And not because we had to be close – it was a nice enough day to walk the length of the lot. It seems like such a silly thing, but not everyone who wants to be an expectant mother gets to be one. It made me feel very thankful for my situation.

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Getting crafty

Now that the baby’s room is painted and furnitured (it IS a word!), I’m working on some fun decorative projects. Awhile ago I saw an embroidered alphabet that I wanted to replicate, and since embroidered is my thing, it made sense. I made a few adjustments to the original – some different colors, a few less flowery things, and some different stitch techniques. Here’s what I came up with:

For the frame, I took an empty one we had on hand, but it started as an ugly wooden frame. To make it match the embroidery and my style better, I painted a coat of lime green, let it dry, then painted a coat of turquoise. I only did one coat of each so that some of each layer showed showed through. Then I roughed it up a little with an emory board (we didn’t have sand paper on hand) for that distressed look.

If you look closely, you can see layers of wood, green and turquoise.

I kind of love it!

I’ve got a few other projects up my sleeve. Here’s a sneak peek at one:

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