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Mike comes home with a new library book.

Shan: What did you get?

Mike: Shades of Grey.

Shan: Oh, I want to read that!

Mike: It’s not the sex one.

Shan: Um, yes I know. It’s a dystopian novel, which you know is one of my favorite genres, thank you very much. Besides, I’ve already read the sex one.

It’s true, I read the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy. I was searching for the Jasper Fforde novel on my library’s e-book site, and it wasn’tĀ available. But my search revealed all three books of “the sex one” were, which I knew would never happen again. And I needed something to read, and I was sick of searching for something that was available (it is becoming more and more difficult as more people get e-books and libraries can’t keep up!), and yeah, I read it.

I’m now reading the dystopian novel, and already, less than 100 pages in, I like it far better than the E.L. James book!

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