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My Wife’s Closets

That’s right…plural.

First, a disclaimer. This post is a good-natured commentary on Shannon’s adorableĀ  attachment to clothing, and in no way is a criticism of any kind. I love my wife and find her style both fun and sophisticated. Love you honey!

So, in our temporary home on the road between our jobs, we had a huge walk-in master closet. Shannon took it over. She filled it. Literally, we couldn’t close the closet door. I was relegated to the outpost of guest bedroom closet. To be fair, this was actually a good situation, since I get up several hours before Shan every morning. She gets to sleep, and I get to access my clothing.

Before our move out, we made the obligatory Goodwill pile. Out of my meager clothing collection, I put together 2 kitchen-sized garbage bags full of old sweaters, tee-shirts, slacks, and shirts that will no doubt sit at Goodwill for years until the luckiest giant in the world happens across them. My wife, out of her room-o-clothes, came up with about 12 items. And I will not mention The Shoe Collection, which could be rotated for 2 full months with no repeating (ok, I just mentioned it). Adorable. šŸ™‚

After the move, we found ourselves with a unique problem. We have a master bedroom with a tiny closet, and a guest bedroom with a large, double closet. The only realistic solution was to switch our arrangement, so I take over the master closet and Shan takes over the guest bedroom closet…I mean closets). It works. It really does. The end result however, is a mostly full closet and a 2/3 full dresser in the master bedroom, along with an entire dresser that is, so far, completely empty. In the other room, we have an almost overflowing double closet and 2 full dressers (we inherited two dresses in the move and suddenly find ourselves with a low of drawer space).

In fairness to my beautiful wife, she has been equally indulgent of me when it comes to the kitchen. The most notable culprit, the mixer. The beautiful, 25-pound KitchenAid mixer that I had to have, and now barely use. We all have our things.

I guess the round-about message here is, I find this clothing situation funny and cute, which must mean I love my wife, right?

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We’re in

We did it, we moved all our crap into a new place. Our people, our crew, showed up and kicked ass, and we were out of the old place and into the new by mid-afternoon. The house is still a disaster. It looks like this…

…times ten. I had to go out of town for work this past week, and I forbade Mike to do any unpacking while I was gone. Except the kitchen. That’s his domain, so I gave him free reign. Otherwise, I’m a bit of a control freak and wanted to be part of every decision.

Since I got back, I’ve been shuffling stuff around, trying to make it all fit. No joke, last night I was in our spare bedroom, where we’re storing a couch until my sister can get it (we took Mike’s Dad’s couch, so my sister is taking ours), and the couch is nothing but a problem in there, but there’s nowhere else for it to go right now. So there I am, opening the door, shoving in a bookcase, closing the door, moving the couch, shuffling the bookcase, moving the couch, push, shove, move until the bookcase was in place. I could have just waited until the couch was gone, yes, but I’m impatient.

Today a bunch of my family is coming over to help whip this place into shape. It’ll be chaotic, yes, but you guys. My whole family (practically) is coming over to MY house. We’re not traveling to them, they are coming here because we live so close. I love love love living back in GR.

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Let’s move!

Well, this weekend is the big move. Our apartment is currently in a state of shambles. Most of our possessions are boxed up and sitting in a giant pile in our living room.

This is from last week. It’s about twice as big now.

Every day we come home from work and spend some time pack up our lives. The cats have been a HUGE help, let me tell you.

Lennie. Our Dinobot. Our Slug.

On top of all this, we’re moving locations at work, too. On Monday I was told my desk was going to be removed from my office the next day, so I cleared the whole thing off and I’m currently set up at a tiny table.

It’s just a little bit insane right now is what I’m saying. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, and I’m pretty sure Mike is, too. I hope life settles down once this move (or these moves rather) is (are) taken care of. Cuz holy crap I need a break!

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Marriage is about lots of things, and many of those things are about evolving. Recently, Shan and I discussed birthday presents. We’ve recently had some pretty fun birthdays. Last year we went on a hot air balloon ride for my birthday. And for Shan’s last birthday her family and I surprised her with an ’80s themed surprise party. This year we went to dinner and a comedy club for my birthday. In addition to these activities, we give gifts. But, recently, we decided to forgo the gift-giving. We will still give each other gifts, should the mood strike us, but we no longer feel the need to buy something specifically for birthdays. If we want anything special and need an excuse to buy it, we’ve agreed to treat ourselves out of our joint checking account to a little birthday gift.

This discussion took place weeks before my birthday. I’m not much of a birthday person anyway, so I wasn’t really expecting a gift in the first place. After our birthday evolution discussion, I really didn’t anticipate anything. Much to my surprise, Shannon gave me a corn dog maker!

One of these days I’ll learn how to insert pictures into a post (or get my wife to do it for me). Until then, imagine a George Foreman grill, but with 6 depressions that can hold enough cornbread batter to surround an average-sized hot dog. Not quite the same as a fried corn dog, but pretty awesome.

(Thank you for the photo, Shannon.)

Devoted blog readers might be aware that corn dogs are my favorite bachelor-snack whenever Shannon is out of town or just absent for dinner. Now I can make my own, anytime I want!

Evolution, it seems, is a slow process. Shannon insists that she didn’t spend much on this gift, but it happened right after we agreed to stop buying birthday gifts. Hmm… Perhaps I’ll do better when her birthday rolls around in December.

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