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Foster (kitty) parents?

I’m gonna go ahead and turn this into a pet blog for a minute. See, we’ve got this cat, Oberon, that we’re pretty obsessed with. Never thought I’d be a pet person, but damn, I love that little bastard. Our pirate, our hobo, our little pisser. That last one? Is the cause of much turmoil lately. Oberon has this terrible habit of peeing inside the house, but outside the litter box. He started it at our last apartment and it was disgusting. When we lived with Mike’s mom for a few months, he magically stopped, but has picked it back up since we moved into our own place again.

At first we were all “tough love!” Pretending like we might actually get rid of him if he didn’t knock it off, but then we remembered we’re total suckers for the cat and there’s no way we could let him go. Especially since shelters generally can’t adopt out cats who “eliminate” outside the litter box, which means he’d have to be put down. Deal with pee or kill my Obe? Duh, no brainer.

When we talked to our vet about this, namely the fact that he stopped while at mom’s, she suggested maybe Oberon benefits from companionship. Really? Our asshole cat who hisses and swats at any feline that comes anywhere near him? Companionship, really? Our vet also happens to run a no-kill cat shelter where Mike’s mom volunteers, and several weeks after we got the advice, we were told they had the perfect cat at the shelter to be Obe’s friend. Were we interested in fostering him for awhile to see if it might work out?

I don’t know, are we? On the one hand, I’m excited about the idea of another cat. And if it’ll help with the pissing, of course! But on the other hand, there’s the shedding (Oberon is a light shedder), there’s more food and litter to buy, there’s the potential it won’t affect the peeing problem, and what if I don’t love the other cat as much? Also there’s the potential that my cat might hate the shit out of this other cat and claw its eyes out before we even have a chance to cage it up and return it to the shelter. Then we’d have to pay the adoption fees for a dead cat. That’s $80 I’d much rather spend on some new boots.


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