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Fat and Happy

Getting married means not worrying about how you look. It means not having to suck in the gut, shave on weekends, dress up for dinner, or moisturize. At least, that’s what we try to tell ourselves. The truth is, marriage is not an excuse to be slovenly. It’s not an excuse to “let yourself go.” You can find excuses, and certainly there’s no reason you have to be the perfect you despite what society tells us, but marriage isn’t one of them.

In that spirit, I’ve decided to do something about my physique. I’m not obese, and I don’t think I’m particularly overweight even, but I’m out of shape. I can’t do the things that a recently 29-year-old should be able to do (like drag a hot air balloon through the woods). At least not without feeling the after-affects for a few days.

Enter P90X. That’s right…I’m joining the club. I’ve seen the infomercial, I’ve read the reviews online, and I’m convinced. The program seems to be exactly what it claims to be. It’s difficult and taxing on your body, but it gets results.

The biggest problem I learned about in my research was that a lot of people who liked the program overall said that it was too hard for them to do at first. They needed a “pre-P90X” program to get them in shape enough to begin. Several recommended “Power Half Hour with Tony Horton” (creator of P90X). Either this guy knows what’s up, or his marketing department is genius. Either way, Tony’s apparently the man.

Thanks to Amazon.com, an e-gift card birthday present, super-saver shipping, and the barbells I already owned, the whole deal, including chin-up bar cost me about $180. If it works, I figure it’s worth it.

Before/After pictures will have to wait until the after stage, in case I fail.

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Up in the Air

When Mike and I were on our honeymoon in Virginia this summer, our hot air balloon ride was canceled three days in a row. We were bummed, but determined to make the balloon ride happen before the end of the year. We had an appointment for Saturday evening, but it was canceled due to weather. And that was only the beginning. We had a terrible day Saturday. TERRIBLE! I won’t dwell, but let me give you two examples:

1. On our way to the hotel, we realized there would be a pool, so we stopped at a mall to get swimsuits. I literally walked around the entire (outdoor) mall (in the rain), stopping in every store that might possibly still have swimsuits and there were NONE! Well, not true. Old Navy had bathing suit bottoms. No tops, but about 105 bottoms. I hate Michigan in September.

2. We settled into our room and wanted to order takeout. We spent an hour looking up nearby places, called two Chinese restaurants and one pizza place only to find out they don’t deliver, called the front desk to ask for recommendations (they said they’d look into it and call us back, but they never did), and finally found a place that would bring us a couple calzones.

Anyway. On to the good stuff. Sunday’s forecast wasn’t great and we thought for sure they wouldn’t reschedule the balloon ride, but at 5am they called and said it was on. And I’m glad – it was great.

(Mike helped blow up the balloon.)

(We dipped down close to the water. This is our reflection.)

(This is the other balloon that launched right after us.)

So here’s the craziest part about the whole trip. It was supposed to be an hour long, but the “driver” (DJ) couldn’t find a good place to land. So after another 15-20 minutes, I think he got desperate. All of a sudden we were descending, but we novices couldn’t understand where exactly were supposed to be landing. We drifted right over a patch of grass next to a pond in someone’s yard when suddenly DJ said, “I think we’ll just take this spot here.” I wasn’t sure what spot he was referring to as we were now just above the woods, but DJ has been ballooning since the year I was born, so I didn’t doubt he had a plan.

Turns out his plan was to LAND IN THE WOODS! Suddenly we were breaking through branches and bending small trees, and we landed with a thud in the middle of some tall, thick brush. Immediately DJ pointed to Mike and said, “I need you to get out and pull us into the clear.” Eventually he got some help from the other male in the basket (men always get the manual labor jobs). While Mike and the other guy pulled on the basket, DJ gave it “gas” until we lifted slightly off the ground. A few feet at a time, a near death experience when the guys were almost crushed beneath us, and about 20 minutes later, we were finally out.

That part was pretty crazy, and hilarious in hindsight. But overall, an awesome experience that I highly recommend to all of you!

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Happy birthday G!

Today is the Giraffe’s 29th birthday. He’s such a youngin’. We’ll only be the same age for a few months before I turn the big three to the izz-oh. But this isn’t about me. This is about him. The Giraffe doesn’t really get into his birthday, but I wanted to make it special. Despite getting older, I still think birthdays are important.

So we agreed to try again with our failed hot air balloon attempt from the honeymoon. We found a company on the east side of the state, and I decided to make a weekend out of it. Sort of. Tomorrow morning we’ll head over to Detroit, check into our hotel, maybe explore a bit before heading to the balloon meeting spot. It’s an early evening “flight” and after the champagne celebration, we’ll head back to Detroit for dinner. We don’t have any solid plans for Sunday, but I know “the D” has cool stuff to offer, so we’ll try to find some of it.

Unfortunately the weather looks not great for tomorrow evening, so cross your fingers our balloon ride isn’t cancelled again!

And oh, happy birthday my love.

(Since today is his actual birthday, I got him a birthday plant, we had birthday pizza and made birthday brownies!)

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We’re in!

We made it. We’ve moved into our new apartment! The move was smooth – it helped that most of our stuff was already boxed up in storage. I think I like our apartment. It has two bedrooms, one that we’re using as a bedroom and one that we’re using as Mike’s closet slash the office slash storage. My closet is in the master bedroom, and it’s glorious. It’s HUGE! and somehow I filled every inch of it. Shameful really. But it’s very organized, which makes me giddy. I mean, just look at this Wall o’ Shoes.

It also has two bathrooms. The one off the master is primarily mine, and the one in the hallway is primarily Mike’s as well as the “public” bathroom (for visitors). Separate bathrooms makes us both happy. It was rare that we got in each others’ way in the bathroom, but when we did, we prayed for separate spaces. And now? Achieved!

The rest of the apartment includes a large entry and dining space that opens right into the large living room, a coat closet, a linen closet, a galley kitchen, a small porch and (drum roll please…..) a laundry room! Yesterday we threw a load of laundry in the dryer and then LEFT for SEVERAL HOURS, and we didn’t have to worry.

There are only two things we’ve discovered so far that we don’t like about this place. One is that the kitchen sink has no sprayer (so annoying), and the other is the stupid mother effing idiot jerk of a dog in the apartment above us. It barks and whines all day, which, honestly, doesn’t bother me much though it drives Mike crazy. However, last night it barked and whined throughout the night, and that is so not acceptable. We’re discussing what to do about the situation. I was thinking a blow to the cranium in the dark of night, but that’s mean. So maybe just a noise complaint?

While I realize “new apartment” photos bore most people, I’ll probably share a few once we get fully settled in. You’ve got to see our adorable new bathroom decor.

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