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After we finalized our menu for the wedding, I thought it would be fun to use my stitching skills to make whimsical food labels. I think most of the cuisine will be self-explanatory, but these signs were easy and cheap to make, and I think they’ll help the buffet table set up in a garage seem a little less… “industrial cafeteria line.”

This one is for the main taco bar:

It lists all the fun options: soft shells and hard shells, chicken and beef, spanish rice, guacamole, salsa, refried beans, lettuce, onion, tomato, sour cream, cheese and enchilada sauce.

These smaller ones explain some of the sides:

Corn cake (or what some people call corn pudding, which is SO wrong), chips and salsa, guacamole, watermelon and cantaloupe, flautas, spanish rice, and black bean and corn salad.

And these are for our cupcake tower and ice cream bar:

The toppings for both (like sprinkles and such) will have to be self-explanatory since we’re not sure yet what all we’ll have, and I don’t want to wait to make a sign.

I wanted a random mix of colors and patterns because that’s sort of what we’re doing for the whole of our wedding decorations. Other than the cost of the embroidery hoops ($20 total), this project was free. I just used fabric left over from other projects and my array of embroidery floss. They are intentionally a little messy. For each one, I just started stitching without sketching or planning first. I wanted them to look very handmade. Some of them didn’t photograph great, but I think they’re all readable in real life.

When we set up the buffet tables, we’ll probably just prop these up or lay them near the food. Nothing fancy, just a little fun!


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Mike’s mom is making cupcakes for our wedding, and her idea is to make a tower of regular-sized cupcakes with a large one at the top. She asked if we’d like a cake topper, and even though I thought we wouldn’t, we decided to look around a bit for options. Turns out there’s not much out there that isn’t totally cheesy, traditional or ridiculous. We were about to give up because this was definitely not something we were too worried about, but today when we were in Michael’s, Mike spotted the perfect pieces for a topper.

My nickname for him is The Giraffe, and his nickname for me is Sunshine. These little guys were only 59 cents each, so for $1.18 we’ve got a cake topper. We figure we can just stick them into the top cupcake and voila! Adorable! Yes, they’re kind of silly and childish, but they’re fun and simple (and cheap!), so they fit our wedding perfectly.

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I don’t know the average age of marriage in America today, and I don’t feel like looking it up, but I’ve heard it’s much higher than it used to be. Which is strange because I swear to god everybody from my high school graduating class was married within five years. Many of my closest friends weren’t, but by the time my old classmates and I found each other on Facebook, they all had husbands and wives and broods of children. And now, at 29, almost all of my friends are married and two of my three YOUNGER sisters are married (the third to be married this summer). Plus I know several people in their young to mid-twenties who aren’t married and are freaking out about it.

So I don’t know if I buy this rising age of marriage thing. It may not be 18 anymore, but it sure seems to be lower than 25. Somebody suggested to me that it’s because of where I live, the midwest. In other parts of the country people aren’t in such a rush to find a spouse. And if that’s true, I think I’m living in the wrong state.

I have always held that I didn’t want to get married until at least 30. In fact, when I was with my ex and thought we’d eventually get married, on some level I was annoyed that I had met my mate so early (24). Turns out he wasn’t my future husband, so it was no problem, but then I met Mike soon after, at age 28. I’m excited to get married, and it would be silly to wait just because of some “age limit” I set for myself years ago. But it is a little funny that I’ll be missing my mark by only six months (I’ll be 30 this December).

What’s strange is that when I decided on 30 as my minimum age for marriage, it seemed so old and far away. Thirty. I mean 30 was so far in the future, 30 was mature and successful. By 30 I would have had plenty of time to do so many of things I wanted to do. By 30 I’d be a real adult. Thirty was, well, it was just so different in my mind than it is in reality.

This isn’t a diatribe about the dread of turning 30—I’m actually quite unconcerned by the prospect. And I do feel rather content with what I have accomplished thus far. It’s just so strange how our ideas about age change as we…age. The way I picture 50 right now is probably nothing like what 50 will actually be.

So when did you all think you’d get married? Are you glad you got married when you did? If you’re not married, have you passed the “age limit” you set for yourself? And of course, if you’re not married and never want to be, I’d love to hear about that too.

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The official deadline for our Unity Quilt fabric is tomorrow, and we got a lot of contributions at the eleventh hour! A couple people have also said they still have something for us, but we haven’t yet received it, and since I probably won’t actually start working on a plan for this quilt until next weekend, hopefully we’ll get any last second contributions before then.

But, so far we’ve gotten some really great things from our friends and family. I’m so excited about this project, though I admit, I’m a little scared too. Suddenly it seems daunting. How am I going to sew together all these very different types of fabric? How am I going to design an attractive and logical pattern using everyone’s selections? How am I going to do all this without effing it up? I only get one shot! I’m really counting on Mike’s mom’s quilting expertise to help me not screw the whole thing up and waste all these precious pieces of the people we love.

Each piece is different and meaningful, and despite my worries, I can’t wait to merge them all into a beautiful keepsake. Here are the fabrics we’ve gotten so far:

Pretty cool, wouldn’t you say?

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