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Served softly

Mike has secured the most awesome thing for our wedding reception. A soft-serve ice cream machine! Rather than a cake, we’re having cupcakes and an ice cream bar. The sundaes were going to be just scoop ice cream, but Mike’s work has a one-flavor soft-serve machine we can get for free! So yeah, we’re all over that.

Soft-serve vanilla and scoop chocolate ice cream with all the fixin’s. As an extreme ice cream lover, I just have to say, suh-weet!


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My dress. Oh man. It fit great when I bought it over a year ago, when I was about 10 pounds lighter. When I tried it on again a few months ago, my body fit inside, but I wouldn’t it say it was as flattering as it could be.

This was when I first bought the dress:

And this was a few months ago:

You can see my tummy, butt and hips have grown. (You can also see my black underwear. Oops.) I entered a weight loss competition at work a month ago, but so far I’m only down a couple pounds. Mostly because I’m not trying very hard at all. I like the way I look, and losing weight to fit into a dress is not good motivation for me apparently.

So last night I tried on the dress with (what I intellectually call) a sucky-inny thing to pull in my belly, and a long slip to smooth out my hips (and hide my underwear). Unfortunately I only took pictures on my phone, so I can’t share the results, but it seems to have improved things a little. I think as long as I don’t gain any weight, I’ll at least know that this is a good enough option. Having it altered is a last resort because I think it’ll be difficult to take this material out and maintain the integrity of the dress. Plus I don’t want to spend money on it.

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One way that we’re able to keep our budget low for our wedding is by getting a great deal on photography. My thinking with photos was that we didn’t need to spend thousands of dollars on them. I know a professional can take AMAZING pictures, but I didn’t need to look like the pages in a bridal magazine. I just wanted to remember the day. I wanted photos, not necessarily works of art. So we were willing to to forego a photographer and just ask friends and family to have cameras at the ready.

But we got lucky. Remember my friend Erica who took our faux engagement photos? Like this one:

Or like the one in our header and the one in the sidebar. At that time she was just contemplating getting into photography for real, so we “modeled” for her and essentially ended up with a free engagement session (even though we didn’t technically get engaged until after). Anyway, Erica had offered to also do our wedding for free, to get the practice. She moved to California last fall, but said if we flew her in, she’d shoot the wedding for free.

Now Erica’s doing the photography thing for real. She recently started a business, she has had some clients, and she, I presume, has even made some money from it! Arika Reed Photography. Check it out.

Even with her budding business, she is still doing our wedding photography for the cost of a plane ticket. Perhaps because it’s valuable practice for her, but more likely because we’ve been friends for nearly 20 years.

Thanks Rico!

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Honeymoon destination

We booked a cabin! In the Shenandoah Valley!* They’re holding it for us until the end of the week, and our deposit check is in the mail, which will secure it for us for real. Now that we have a plan and a destination, I’m thrilled. And Mike is excited, too. It was the hot tub that sold him I think. Four nights in a spacious cabin with two fire places and a hot tub. Like I mentioned before, there are a few things we’d like to see or do while we’re in that part of the country, but mostly we’re looking forward to staying up late, sleeping in, soaking in the tub, reading in front of the fire place, and ya know, spending quality time together.

I always thought I’d go on a big European honeymoon. Super small wedding and HUGE amazing trip afterward. But I’m not at all disappointed with this plan. Europe will be amazing someday (soon!), but lots and lots of chill time to celebrate our nuptials sounds just about perfect.

*Which is in Virgina/West Virginia, not Texas like Google Maps kept telling my friend Robin.

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